We wrapped Season I of The Riderville Radio Sitcom on Tuesday. Episodes are now in the studio being mixed, and we premiere on CKRM on September 12. The scope of all this hasn’t quite hit me yet. I don’t think it will really resonate with me until I get back to Toronto, sometime around the 20th.

There remains work to be done, episodes to lock, sponsorship stuff to chase, and proposals to draft. I’m transitioning away from the creative endeavour, and moving towards the business enterprise of this project now. I can see many seasons in our future. I can see this thing, becoming a real ‘thing’ – with a whole team behind it, pushing with all their might.

I have figured out that I need more than mere people to work with me on this project. I want champions. I need people who see the potential of this project, take some ownership in it, then use their abilities and connections to further the cause. Season I is wrapped, and now the thrust is to make it a success, so that we may get a Season II. To this end, I’m making a list of people whom I can seek advice from.

On a related note, I am looking forward to the day when I have other things on my mind, besides my series. I find myself in conversations with old friends, and all I can think to talk about, is the sitcom. I’m actually getting kind of annoyed with myself.

With that said, I have a proposal to write. Gotta make hay!

Mossbank Table Read


I’m on the farm!

It’s great to be here, surrounded by family whom I hold dear. This place speaks to me in a way I can’t explain. It just means a lot.

The nearby town of Mossbank held centennial celebrations this weekend, so it seemed like a good time to come down. I met with the mayor, and told him that I wanted to put Mossbank in The Riderville Radio Sitcom in some way. He thought that was pretty super duper alright idea, and made the announcement at the cabaret that night.

I spent the night with Shyanne, her man Travis, Codie, and his girlfriend Brittney. Their friends came and went all night long in the beer gardens, and I alternated between making talking sounds, and being quiet so I could take in the ethos of the place. A number of characters came and went, and it all proved to be fodder for my imagination. Many countless beers were consumed.

There was one character in particular, Dayton Krouse, who seemed like he’d be a natural in my show. He was funny, did voices, and seemed to be the life of the party. I wanted to hear him read scripts from the show.

On Sunday, I organized a table read at the home of a couple I met on Saturday, Kristi & Jimmy. Shy joined me. Nobody knew quite what to expect, but as they said many times, ‘A script reading in Mossbank has never happened before, so why not?’.

We talked and drank beer for a couple hours, before we got started. Then it came time to break out the scripts. Everyone took on a role, and the more we read, the more everyone around the table got into it. Tons of fun! I also heard some things that led to revisions this morning. It was so much fun to get to know people. We drank beer for many hours afterwards, and I didn’t get back to the farm until 11pm (Shy stayed sober and drove).

I’ll probably head back to Regina today, but I’m positive I’ll be back before we record episodes on Aug 23rd. What an incredible weekend!