Beating Out the Story

The problem with being too comfortable, is it gets in the way of getting things done. No fire in my belly. Ambitions simmer on the back burner while procrastinations in the form of computer games, Facebook, and petty arguments with the Romanian Syndicate about the sorry state of the Roughriders are manifested.

I’m totally right about the Roughriders by the way. Chris Jones needs to be fired.

Grama hand-wrote pages and pages of stories from her childhood on the farm in Wood Mountain. I began the process of digging deeper into these stories, to see how I can craft them into a TV Pilot. I think I have some good ideas.

I’m scheduling a table read for this pilot, for the end of March. Nothing like a hard deadline to motivate me to git-er-done.

Unfortunately, I only have a vague clue as to what my story is. I’ve been staring at a blank beat-sheet – a line by line synopsis of each scene – and have jotted down some key moments in the A, B, C, and D plots. If I can figure out how to weave them together, I’m really going to have something special.