Cabbage Rolls and Downtown Strolls

I’m back in the city that rhymes with fun!

I landed last night at 12:15am. Mom and Dave picked me up, and fed me cabbage rolls upon arriving at home. Pretty much a perfect welcome.

Today I’m sitting in the window of Atlantis. After this article I plan to spend a bit of time rewriting my TV Pilot, then it’s back to Mom’s for supper, then I’ll be off to Jason’s.

It’s the final Home Opener at Taylor Field. The next one will be at New Mosaic Stadium in 2017. Some of the fellas from the Romanian Syndicate are assembling for pre-game festivities prior to attending the game.

The day thus far has been kind of made up as I go along. A nice pace.

I wandered around City Square for a spell and took in some of the festivities related to the Home Opener. Familiar sights and sounds. Sentimental. My mind wanders.

No other definitive plans, and I like it that way.