The Glowing After Glow of Yesterday’s Today

Mom74 4VaciliPanaonPrince@WoodMountainToday was the best!

I organized a table read for my new TV Pilot last night. I had only finished the latest draft approximately 54 minutes before we read it!

Even so, it went over incredibly well. Marcia hugged me after the read. Jamie kissed me, and then he told me it was the greatest script I ever wrote. Lara had tears in her eyes. Everyone in the room was blown away.

What made it even more special, was that I read the part of my great grandfather, Vasile Pana, and Jazzy read the part of her great grandmother, Eugenia. I remember distinctly, holding eye contact with her – both of us beaming – as the room applauded.

The script was inspired by a bit of family history, combined with political events that took place in Saskatchewan in 1927 around Moose Jaw.

This morning I made breakfast for my AirBnB guests (both from Brazil, and neither speaks English), and spent the rest of the day relaxing, guilt-free. Jazzy and I watched a documentary together, and in an hour, I’ll be at Toronto Cold Reads, working with our Musical Guest.

I currently am writing from an Irish Pub on The Danforth and there’s a collection of hobo musicians who’ve shown up, taken a seat, and joined in on some Irish folk melodies.

A really great day.