Faith & Hope

I have faith in the resiliency of our species. We have faced global climate change on a scale much more drastic, under conditions much more harsh, than the present day. We have faced an ice age with stone age technology. We have adapted, died, learned, killed, believed, killed some more, been compassionate, loved, hated, loved, hated, procreated only to be wiped out by both nature and by the hands of men.

The things that we are doing to each other, and to the earth, are a blip in the geological clock of our planet’s life. Our planet has endured asteroid impacts, nuclear testing, radical shifts in geological shit (giggle, giggle, snort — I just said ‘geological shit’), and will endure for billions of years to come.

No doubt there is bad stuff going on everywhere on every possible angle, of every possible subject. I also believe the opposite is true. Perhaps we’ll revert back to stone age technology after blowing ourselves up, perhaps 7 Secord Place will emerge as the Mecca of a New World Order, perhaps nothing will happen, perhaps technology will lead us past our selfish tendencies, perhaps technology will cripple us… Whatever happens, our species will find a way to live on, and find happiness, just as easily as we find despair.

Despite all the world’s problems, I still find a way to take pleasure in the company of my family and friends. I’ll do what I can to make my little patch of earth a better place, but I refuse to believe that we are doomed… to believe that makes everything else just pointless… If the plane’s going to crash anyway, why even try? Why bother with charity, why bother with compassion, why bother with indulging in hobbies, why mow the lawn? If the plane’s going to crash anyway………… Actually, if the plane’s going to crash any ways… let’s all have sex!

Wishing you all peace and happiness.