The Summer Ahead

JarrettRidervilleProfilesmallTime has flown. It’s flown so fast, a month went by between blog entries, and I barely noticed. It’s been so long, I actually had to look back on the last few articles to see where I left off. It seems there’s been no new news from me since I submitted my CFC Application.

So let’s see… what can I say about the last month and a bit of my life? I completed my stint on the Hallmark movie. Did all the Accounts Payable on it – POs, invoices, petty cash envelopes, created/maintained the files, and cut some cheques. It’s like, everyday, for six weeks, I went to work with my lunchbox, and came home to dinner (that I prepared for myself). Definitely the most ‘9 to 5’ I’ve ever felt in my career. I enjoyed the routines, and felt like my brain benefitted from a more methodical, analytical, rudimentary type of thinking.

I have days sometimes where my mind feels like a firehose going off. Just a rapid scattering of aimless thoughts in every direction. It’s a trait I’ve come to tap for writing purposes, but it makes business planning and other practical day to day activities, a bit of a challenge.

Since the film wrapped, I’ve been spending a good portion of my time, prepping the radio sitcom for a summer push. I fly back to Regina today, and I’m excited for what awaits. Friends, family, home cooking, and phone calls. Tons and tons of phone calls. And meetings too.

I figured out a retail strategy for the series. Found a company that manufactures plastic debit cards that each come with a unique code, that can be redeemed for whatever I make available for the card holder to download – like episodes of The Riderville Radio Sitcom, for example.

RidervilleVIPPassFace RidervilleSeasonPassFace

The thing that excites me about these cards, is that they’re something tangible I can put in peoples’ hands. Boom! “Here’s a copy of the series.” It’s not a hyperlink. It’s not a digital file. It’s something you can carry around in your wallet, or wear around your neck (when you attend the live recording). It’s something retailers can purchase in bulk, and sell to customers. It’s something sponsors can give away for promotional purposes.

I designed the cards and ordered 1,000 Season Passes, and 500 VIP passes. They’ll be shipping first week of July, in time for the Roughriders’ second home game (where 33,000 potential buyers will be in attendance).

In the meantime, The LeaderPost will be running another story on the series. I asked my friend Laura to take some photos of me (see above), for the article. I have a number of scripts yet to write, and to this end, I want to drive to different parts of Saskatchewan, drink in local town bars, and talk to people. It will be an opportunity to promote the series, as well as collect fodder for my characters.

I’m going to miss Toronto. Jazz is staying behind so she can take a summer class at school. My friend Renee moved into the main floor of the house, and she said she’ll look in on Jazzy regularly. Indeed, Jazz already spends a lot of time downstairs, playing with Renee’s dogs. Feels kind of like a family.

I invited friends, writers, and other actor types over for a backyard bonfire last night. It rained on us a bit, but we still managed to have a good time. Perfect send off for a high-hope trip home to the Land of the Living Skies.