Vegan Musings Upon a Spec Script

I am busy solid busy. Very very busy.

I’ve been putting long hours in on Damien and my non-work time has been devoted to doing nothing, and seeing no one. My headspace is in a good place and I’m currently sitting at the counter of Tori’s Bakery on Queen Street East, waiting for a friend. I’m giving her my copy of The Blacklist season I, so she can help me with an outline, when I set out to write a spec for the show.

The CFC’s been on my mind again. I’ll be applying to their Prime Time Television Program for the fourth time in May. To this end, I’ll be submitting an updated version of Machiavelli & Tymes, as well as the previously mentioned spec for The Blacklist. In addition, it looks like Glen Mazzara (show runner on Walking Dead) and Ross Fineman, an LA based agent and producer will both be writing Letters of Recommendation for me. Both developed Damien and brought the series to Fox, so that’s how I came into contact with ’em.

[Elizabeth (my friend) shows up with her friends. Two hours pass]

Alright. So that was interesting. It turns out I stumbled into a vegan meet up group – which was coincidental because I happen to be vegan (for two more weeks). I pulled out my 5D and taught Leora how to use a camera. Talked shop with Elizabeth and drank wine with all of ’em as a group.

Serendipity. Always served best when you’re not actually looking for it.

Catching Up on St. Patty’s Day

Photo on 2015-03-17 at 1.29 PMI’m starting my third week on Damien, a sequel to the 1976 film, The Omen. The series picks up 25 years after the movie left off. Damien, the lead character, is about to turn 30, and shit in his life is beginning to go sideways. The series is penned by Walking Dead creator, Glen Mazzara, and it will be playing on Fox.

I’m working in the accounting department, and it’s incredible to see a show of this scale from so deep within the machine. A TV series’ life blood is cash, and I get to watch it flow from the front row. I’m learning a lot, and am able to contribute just as much. My coworkers are fun to be around, and when I go home at night, my brain is feel sufficiently stimulated enough to write.

The radio sitcom is still very much on my radar. Story lines are falling into place, and I’m looking to add another producer to the team in Regina.

There. Got that out of the way. I’ll get into more details as the days pass, but it’s been so long since my last entry, I felt I had to plug the gap with a Reader’s Digest version of events, before touching on them in greater depth in the coming days.

Happy St. Patty’s day.