The Mind of Jarrett from 11:05pm – 11:06pm

The following is a live play-by-play analysis of the thought process of Jarrett Rusnak, from 11:05 – 11:06pm on Thursday October 13, 2005.

Ready….. Go!

Ok I need to start typing…. just thinking of something to write. Something inspirational would be really impressive. Do I have anything? I’m sure I must have something good to say…. damn! Too much pressure.

It would be emarrasing if I started to think about sex right now. Damn! I just thought about sex.

Damn! I did it again.

People are going to think I’m some kind of pervert.

Ok don’t think about sex… damn! I did it again.

Ok, ok, ok, I got it. My script. I finished episode 6 this afternoon, and I just about done episode 7 now.

Yeah! I did it! No more thinking about sex.