Thinking Across from Jazzy’s Dorm Window

52911077378__67FC72BC-1440-446D-B92A-B87386AEC373My plan for this time of year, was to be back in Saskatchewan, perhaps waking up next to someone I just met at Shyanne’s wedding – and we’d probably both still be in our suits, on the floor, under a table, in the reception hall.

Instead, I was hired onto another movie – a tier E Christmas movie. I’m the 1st Assistant – so upgraded credit from the previous show. You never want to turn work down, when the work comes calling.

While the show is a welcome development, my October plans took a tumble – though not necessarily for the worse.

I now find myself in Halifax, sitting in a different hall – the mess hall – of Jazzy’s dorm. I’m actually sitting down, and across from her dorm

While it didn’t make sense to spend $800 flying to Saskatchewan for Shyanne’s wedding, only to return back to Toronto 12 hours later – it made infinite sense to drive for 32 hours (return) to see Jazzy on Thanksgiving weekend.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I like long drives. Nothin’ to do but sit and think. And I got a lot to think about. Nothing particularly pressing. Just a lot to think about.

I don’t even know what shape the complete thunk-out thoughts of all this thinking is supposed to look like. The point is not to have an end goal for that shape.

It is simply enough to think.

The day has no plan. At some point I’ll take Jazzy out to buy warm blankets. There will also be food in our future. I also stocked her up with booze – specifically 24 beer, and a bottle of rum. Rum mixes with everything.

Oh shit!

Six decks of cards. I’m going to buy her six decks of cards so she can teach her friends how to play Canasta. Seems like a holiday thing to do.


Jazzy looking out her dorm window – after I sent her a text to look outside her dorm window.