We wrapped Season I of The Riderville Radio Sitcom on Tuesday. Episodes are now in the studio being mixed, and we premiere on CKRM on September 12. The scope of all this hasn’t quite hit me yet. I don’t think it will really resonate with me until I get back to Toronto, sometime around the 20th.

There remains work to be done, episodes to lock, sponsorship stuff to chase, and proposals to draft. I’m transitioning away from the creative endeavour, and moving towards the business enterprise of this project now. I can see many seasons in our future. I can see this thing, becoming a real ‘thing’ – with a whole team behind it, pushing with all their might.

I have figured out that I need more than mere people to work with me on this project. I want champions. I need people who see the potential of this project, take some ownership in it, then use their abilities and connections to further the cause. Season I is wrapped, and now the thrust is to make it a success, so that we may get a Season II. To this end, I’m making a list of people whom I can seek advice from.

On a related note, I am looking forward to the day when I have other things on my mind, besides my series. I find myself in conversations with old friends, and all I can think to talk about, is the sitcom. I’m actually getting kind of annoyed with myself.

With that said, I have a proposal to write. Gotta make hay!

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