Jarrett Rusnak
writer • producer • director


I am an award-winning producer, director, shooter, writer and editor.  I have been in charge of 60+ people on big movies, and I have been a one-man crew, lugging two camera packages across the world.  I’ve dealt with everything from common HR problems in production office settings, to convincing corrupt Romanian cops to allow me access to locations that were supposed to have been cleared for production.

I have been running my own production company (Dacian Productions Inc.) since 1995, which is where most of my production and management experience comes from.  My professional experience suites me for any position that requires logistical, administrative, creative and/or technical skills.

As a writer, I draw on my diverse background and wide range of interests.  I have researched and written on topics ranging from SARS to Urban Planning, Art Crime to Business, International Travel to Professional Football and much more.  With sufficient research, no topic is out of scope.

I have been published alongside respected journalists on, and  I have written proposals and pitch documents that have triggered several hundred thousand dollars in funding.  Two of my plays were selected in a blind competition by two different juries to participate in the SPC’s Spring Festival of New Plays.  A screenplay I wrote, That Moment In Between, made the quarterfinals in Scriptapalooza (out of 5,000 entries worldwide) and was described by two different Hollywood readers as “one of the most original takes on the break-up story.”

I am passionate about writing in all genres.  I look forward to new challenges.

Selected work includes;

(as Dacian Productions Inc)

Another One Comes 36×3 comedy drama web series in development

Machiavelli & Tymes 13×60 drama series in development

Room 31 13×60 comedy-drama series in development

HogTown 13×30 comedy series in development

Highwaymen 8×60 comedy drama series in development

Crimes of the Art 6×60 documentary series in development

The Urban Future 13×60 documentary series in development (writer/producer/director/shooter/editor/FX/narrator/sound design)

InJustice 13 x 30 documentary series
(writer/producer/director/shooter/editor/FX/music/sound design)
Winner: Best Historical/Bio Doc Series – Showcase – 2009

Sisu 1 x 90 feature film
(executive producer)

StubbleJumper 1 x 60 docu-drama
(executive producer)

Rodeo Circuit 1 x 60 documentary

Prairie Gardens – Seasons I & II 13 x 30 lifestyle series

100 Saskatchewan Stories 13 x 30 documentary series

The Big Dig 1 x 60 documentary

The Thunder Breeding Hills 6 x 30 documentary series

Franchise 1 x 60 documentary

(working with other production companies)

Easy Over 13×30 comedy series in development • (writer)
Rattlesnake Films • Contact Rob King – (306) 537-2804

Chained 1×90 feature film • (epk producer, shooter, editor)
Envision Media Arts • Contact Rhonda Baker – (306) 536-8653

Woodriver Hall 13×30 Music Series • (production manager)
Contact WestWind Pictures – (416) 516-4414

Youkali Hotel 1×60 MOW • (production manager)
Contact WestWind Pictures – (416) 516-4414

In addition to the above, I have produced/production managed over three dozen commercials and corporate projects with budgets ranging from $10,000 to over $300,000.

Contact Caffeine Commercial Productions (306) 777-0150

Training & Education:

TV360: Banff Television Festival
Film Executive Leadership Seminar – Banff Centre
Robert McKee Story Seminar
U of R: Performance & Directing
U of R: Media Production


Final Cut Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Soundtrack Pro
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon XL H1
Canon 30 D