Star Wars

forceI watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens again last night with Nadia at the IMAX Theatre. It’s even better the second time around! Dialogue is good. Characters are good. The plot is good. Action is good. It’s a really good movie. It might even be one of the best of all the Star Wars movies.

The other cultural thing I did yesterday was read the pilot to The West Wing. I binged on the entire series last year on Netflix. This time around, it was great to curl up with an Aaron Sorkin penned script and study it intensely. I actually reread it again this morning.

The pilot feature four story-lines. It’s also much funnier that I remember – every other line was a barb or zinger between the characters. Conflict between characters was subdued – but it remained ever present. Like crew members on a star ship, they were all up against the conflict communally. What one felt, the others also felt.

Sorkin also packed his characters with idiosyncrasies that were both subtle and apt. The smallest little quirk – such as Leo’s crossword puzzle – would be spread over a couple of scenes. These quirks served the dual function of being both funny, and bridging story lines. I made notes on the script and saved it.

I spent most of my day yesterday, writing a one page description of my Christmas script. It’s almost easier to write the whole screenplay, than it is to come up with a compelling one-page description of the plot.

I’m going to give the document another pass today, then send it off to the production companies that requested it.

2016 Culture Tally;

Feature Scripts Read: 1
TV Scripts Read: 1
Movies Watched: 3
Documentaries Watched: 1

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