The Culture Journal

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.05.35 PMA Facebook friend had posted his ‘culture journal’ online for 2015. The number of scripts he read, movies he watched, plays he took in, novels he read, exhibits, shows, and other cultural activities on his list was staggering. I was left feeling inadequate – like I can do so much better.

This isn’t a case of me comparing myself to the popular kid in school who got all the chicks. A little less facebookery, and a little more culturaldasity – and I’m there. Already this year I’ve read one screenplay, saw two movies and one documentary. I’m seeing the new Star Wars again tonight with Nadia.

I don’t think I need to create a culture journal. My blog will do just fine. I’ll keep a running tally as I go. Thus far, it looks like this;

Jan 1 – Read Brooklyn, watched Star Wars.
Jan 2 – watched Raiders of the Lost Ark, watched The Internet’s Own Boy – a documentary about Aaron Swartz, a hacktivist who downloaded over 20,000 academic journals using MIT’s network. He wanted to make a point about academic freedom. The US Gov’t charged him with 18 counts of cyber crime. He committed suicide.

Today marks the first business day of the year. I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop. I have a to-do list of near term goals I wish to accomplish. Sunk my teeth into a couple items already.

I’m looking forward to what the day brings.

2016 Culture Tally:
Scripts Read: 1
Movies Watched: 2
Documentaries Watched: 1


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