Piling on the Good Vibrations

Below is an email I received a couple days ago.

Hi Jarrett!

I was just about to email you when I got your message, because one of the most predominant things I heard last night was, “Who did the vignettes? They are fantastic!” Seriously, everyone loved them. Several nominees asked me for copies because they were so pleased with how you presented their work. So, I will be sending those off later today. Peter Sametz had high praise for them as well as many others in the audience. A number of them said that they liked your narration and how conversational it was.

The whole night went smoothly and was well received by all – the host, entertainment and speeches were all great. The vignettes really added something special to the event, and we are so happy that you were able to do them for us.

Thanks so much, and congratulations!


So… you know. It seems the work I did for the Arts Board was well received. I’ve been riding a wave of self accomplishment for two straight days now. What an incredible feeling!

Adding to the euphoria was another email from a theatre company in NYC. I had sent them the first scene of Not Being A Dick, and they asked to read the rest of the script. It’s a small thing, but it’s still gratifying to know that my work is being considered at such a high level.

Speaking of writing, I wasn’t able to land the Inciting Incident for Room 31 on page 4 of my pilot script – I put it on page 3 instead! It works so well and fixes so many issues. The conflict with my protagonist’s journey is heightened to great effect. It works better than I ever expected.

However, it also raises new problems that I hadn’t anticipated. At an impromptu table read I organized last night I was able to hear some things out loud that weren’t readily perceivable on the page.

Parts of some scenes seem a bit unnecessary now. I plan to do some cutting and rewriting today. With a little luck, I’ll have a fresh draft ready for tonight.

All in all, it’s been a pretty gratifying couple of days in the life of me.

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