Artistic Invasion

My friend Yana was staying with us for a few days. She’s a singer/model/actress, originally from Ukraine, whom I got to know in Regina. She’s out here in Toronto now and I’m happy to say that my Hogtown world just became one artist richer.

There’s simply no better way to get to know someone than by having them stay with you for a few days – not visiting, but crashing while they sort out the logistics of their lives. I first experienced this relationshippy phenomenon with Aubree earlier this year, when she stayed with me while rehearsing for Not Being A Dick. We’re super great buddies now, as a result.

I really liked having Yana around Jazzy as well. I figure that by surrounding my high school aged daughter with very strong role models like Aubree, Yana and others, I’ll be helping her to overcome the trials that await her in the years to come.

The two seemed to get along great. At one point I stumbled upon Yana straightening Jazzy’s hair. They smiled and shut the door to her room and continued doing their thing.

Speaking of artists, friends of Tahirah’s are playing a house concert tonight in my living room. Scott Perrie and Leora Joy are VIA Rail’s featured artists this month, and they’ve been travelling across the country, starting in Vancouver. Since they had a layover scheduled in Toronto for a few days, Tahirah asked if they could do a concert at my place. I was more than happy to oblige. You can learn more about them by clicking this link.


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