Getting Fresh

It’s been a good day.  I started off sitting out in front of my apartment again, watching the world go by.  Didn’t allow myself to surf, or nose into the iPhone too much, except to enter items on the to do list that came to mind.

My mind races all the time, and without that quiet time to start the day, I feel myself NOT getting off to a good start.  I find myself going through the motions, chasing my tail, and not feeling a great sense of purpose.  That quiet time in the morning helps me focus.

By noon, I had taken care of most of the niggly little details of my day.  Changed my address officially with the banks, followed up with some clients, wrote some emails that needed writing.  My goal is to write a thousand words in my novel today.  Might fall short there, but we’ll see how the evening unfolds.

I took the subway downtown today.  Brought Sweeney (my laptop) into the Apple Store to replace the battery.  It had swollen to the point where I couldn’t close the screen properly.  Everything’s back to normal now.  Feels good.  Feels new.

Speaking of maintenance, I also took the time to get myself a haircut.  Got to the point where I looked in the mirror and I just didn’t like what I saw.  Not a great thing for the head space.

So here I am – fresh approach to the day, fresh approach to my face, and a fresh approach to my keyboard.  I’m gonna make some things happen this week.

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