Resetting the To-Do List

The day started with me sitting in a lawn chair in front of my place, with a coffee in my hand, and the world to watch as it walked passed me.  Everything’s been going smooth ever since.

My client from the Arts Board needed me to tweak one of the videos I did for her.  Only took me 20 minutes.  She’s happy.  The project’s done and delivered.  I’m happy too.

Currently, I’m writing from a coffee shop downtown.  In an hour, I’ll be heading over to Argonaut HQ to take in their away game from Room 31.  I brought beer, they’re supplying the burritos.  Aside from being inside Rogers Centre, there’s really no better place to watch an Argo’s game.

Between the location scouting (which is now done), and the Arts Board gig, I haven’t had much time to work on the novel.  I’m kind of chomping at the bit to get back to it.  The delay has been good though.  New ideas for where the story goes are percolating.  I think ’em up, and then I need to say ’em out loud to myself so I can remember ’em.  I should probably write them down anyway, just to make sure they don’t slip away.

Definitely the next thing on my to-do list.

Speaking of to-do lists.  I think I’m going to wipe mine clean and start over.  I’ve been neglecting it and now when I open it up, the only thing that comes out is angst.  I have things written there that haven’t been touched since June.  I’ve been doing other things that haven’t made the list, and as a result, the list itself has become completely meaningless.  It’s always been this way with me and to-do lists.  I start them off with vigour, and after a couple weeks lose interest in them because I fall too far behind.

A writer friend from back home, Ken Williams, was on facebook the other day talking about the challenges of being a one man, self-employed entity.  He said the boss is going to be having a meeting with the staff, and feelings are going to get hurt.  There were a whole string of comments from other self employed types, all echoing his sentiments.  It seems I’m not alone in my productivity woes.  The whole thing made me feel a little bit better about myself.

Then I scrolled down and saw a post from another writer friend.  “Just finished the first draft of a screenplay.  Heading out to celebrate.”

What an asshole.

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