Year-Old Dents

I’m sitting in a Vietnamese place on St. Claire.  It’s been a good couple of days.  I’m finding a nice balance between niggly little tasks, marketing myself, and writing.  I’m content with making a little dent in each category everyday.

Last night I wrote 800 more words in my novel before heading off to McKenzie’s going away party.  She’s heading back to Oz indefinitely and gathered her closest friends together.  I’m pleased to have made the list.  I enjoyed myself, met a number of her friends (nearly all of them actresses), and exchanged phone numbers.  She had previously talked me up to them because I cut that film for her.  I was warmly received as a result.

I was asked to help develop a feature film today.  The script is still in the early first draft stage, and for now the work is all pro bono, but it gives me a chance to connect to a whole new group of people.  I’m having new business cards printed and I’ve set out to meet as many new people as I can in this town.

I’ve been here 10 months.  Nearly every good thing that’s happened to me career wise, has come as a result of meeting new people.  Resumes only go so far.  I need to shake some hands if I’m going to get somewhere.

Yesterday was the first year anniversary of me making the decision to leave Regina.  A year ago today I made the decision to come to Toronto.  What a colourful year it’s been.  My only complaint has been to myself for taking my eyes off the ball on too many occasions.

Gotta make sure I keep the mission front and centre.  I remain optimistic for the future.

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