The Only Thing That Matters

In just over two hours, I’ll be picking Jazzy up from the airport!  Also, I can’t seem to find my clean laundry anywhere.

I’ve been walking through the streets of Toronto and imagining Jazzy walking with me.  I’m imagining seeing the city for the first time through her eyes.  We have eight precious days together and I want to make the most of it.  I’m excited for her to meet the people I care about out here.  I’m excited to make her a part of my life – at least for the next eight days.

The only thing I’ve planned definitively, is the route home from the airport.  I’m taking the 401 all the way to the Don Valley, then back west on the Gardner.  To this point Toronto will look like any other big city.  Nothing exceptional, but certainly impressive.

Then we round the corner on the Gardner and BOOM!  There’s the CN Tower, there’s the skyline, there’s a six lane expressway cutting right through the middle of Canada’s largest city.  We’ll ride that a spell then turn off onto Jamison Ave.  Quick left on King West and there’s Lake Ontario.  She’s used to living spitting distance from the Pacific Ocean, so that probably won’t impress her as much as it does me.  Still, a quick right and then we’re on Roncesvalles.

Maybe at this point we stop and walk around.  Maybe I take her all the way home (ten more minutes up the road).  Don’t know.  Don’t care.  I’ll be with my beautiful little girl, and that’s the only thing that matters.

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