Experience It

There was a moment last night when I was sitting on the balcony with Jazzy and Bacia.  Frank was working on his bike on the driveway.  It felt like a perfect ‘Toronto Family’ moment.

Jazz and Bacia are getting along famously.  It’s like they’ve known each other for years.  It’s like how I feel when I’m sitting at her table.  She seems to be digging Frank as well.

Jazz and I crammed into his truck last night and drove downtown to Mae’s.  She has a pool in her condo and we all went swimming.  Mae lent Jazz something to wear in the pool.  Afterwards we walked down to Dundas Square for a bite.  It was a perfect way for Jazzy to experience her first Toronto evening.

Frank decided to stay the night at Mae’s and offered me the keys to his truck to we could get home.  I declined.  It was an opportune moment to introduce Jazz to another Toronto pastime – riding the subway.  She’s never seen anything like it and she quickly figured out how everything connects to everything else.

Today we rode it to Eaton’s Centre for a pilgrimage to the Apple Store.  Jazzy’s laptop is on it’s last hinge.  The display isn’t working properly, and it’s been wearing on her mind.  The technician spent a few minutes with it and gave us the news.

“We’re going to have to replace the display and the outer casing.  It will look and feel like a brand new computer when we’re done with it.”

Good news.  And then it got better.

“Obviously there’s no warranty left on the computer, and this would normally be a $500 repair, but we’ll do it for free.”

Jazzy was ready to jump in the air and sing show tunes for the entire store.  “I love Toronto!!!!”  To celebrate, I took her to Marche and she immediately declared it her new very favourite restaurant in the whole world.  It’s difficult to describe Marche.  You just have to experience it – which has sort of been a theme for me where Jazzy’s concerned.

She’s here for 7 more days.  I want so much for her to experience ALL of the people who’ve touched my life out here in the last 5 months.

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