17 Strokes

Yesterday took a turn for the unexpected.  Jazzy wanted to head out to Dad and Kathy’s, so that was the morning plan.  Thing is, Jazzy didn’t wake up ‘til 10:30.  That left me the morning to get a bit of work done.

By noon she was moving and we walked to the library where she wanted to pick up some books for the trip.  I left her there to run some errands.  Then I picked her up and we walked through City Square.

I haven’t written much about City Square, but Jazzy and I are both watching it come together.  Everyday there are new developments.  More bricks laid.  More structures erected.  It’s gonna be a beautiful addition to the city when it’s complete.

The 45 minute drive to Strasbourg was relaxing.  Dad and I quickly fell into several games of backgammon.  After that, he invited me to a game of golf.  Jazzy tagged along and for several hours, it was three Rusnaks in the same space, at the same time together.  We had the place to ourselves.  No one behind us.  Jazzy had time to hit the ball down the fairway in about 17 strokes.

It was the first time I banged a ball in two years.  Did alright.  Only lost two balls.  With Jazzy in the picture, I was reminded of all the times I used to follow dad around on a golf course when I was a kid.

Chinese food was supper, and another relaxing drive home spelled the end of my day.  Didn’t plan it that way, but it was just about a perfect way to spend a Thursday.

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