Sunday Morning

Every morning should feel like a Sunday morning.  I’m sitting on my balcony looking out over the city with a cup of coffee at hand and the whole day to make something of.

I’ve been nervous about the future.  Just deleted an article I wrote yesterday that was half way between down and not very good.  The short term requires a bit of patience.  I can’t go signing up for Plan B commitments before word comes of Plan A opportunities.  One thing at a time, one step at a time.  That news is only a day or so away.

It’s not a comfortable way to live and to be honest, the details of Plan B are still a bit fuzzy.  That’s what got my headspace all rattled up.  No clear way forward.

Everything I believed about my immediate future at the beginning of August has turned upside down.  The movies that were set to be happening went away, and there’s nothing confirmed to take their place.  I’ve had some good meetings in the interim, but those seeds will take some time to sprout.

What will I do if Plan A dries up?  Something.  I’m not sure what, but something always comes up.  My fretting has been productive in that I’ve discovered some options available to me, just in case.  Just can’t move on them until word comes down on Plan A.

When I learned to see the big picture with such simple clarity, my mood took a turn for the upward.  Made Sunday morning all the more pleasant.  I’m not even going to look at those Plan B options today.  I’m going to write and I’m going to NOT think about career stuff.

I’m going to have a pleasant day.

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