After I’m finished writing this, I’ll be heading over to mom’s to celebrate her birthday.  What can I say?  I’m glad she hatched me.  She reads this stuff, so I’m not going to lay it on thick today… except maybe to say, “Happy Birthday Mom.  I love you.”

I met with a writer/director friend of mine on Friday.  He offered to pay me to read two drafts of his latest script and provide critical feedback.  He also talked about adding me to the writing team of a series that’s in development.  This comes after he read my spec script for Republic of Doyle.  He knows a producer on the show, and forwarded my script.   Hopefully something comes of it.

My strategy to send one of my projects off to larger production companies spawned a nibble.  I had a 20 minute phone call with a producer from Vancouver who didn’t have room on her slate for Crimes of the Art, but she thought I did a good job with it, and hoped we might cross paths down the road.  She offered some free advice on where I might take the series and mentioned if I’m ever in Vancouver, she’d be interested in working with me on her own projects.  Need to meet a few more like her.

They say if you’re honest with yourself and you maintain a balanced headspace, you attract like minded people to yourself.  I was sitting in the window of Atlantis on Saturday night polishing my script.  Suddenly Tahirih, an actress friend of mine, was tapping me on the shoulder and giving me a big hug.  She’s in from Toronto, helping her mom out with the family business.  She introduced me to her friend, who’s also a performer and we fell into this conversational firestorm about creating a project together.  We met formally on Sunday to discuss the idea and my wheels have been turning ever since.  I’ve already written the first couple of scenes in my head.  Just need to get in down on paper by Thursday.

Speaking of headspaces, mine’s good.  It doesn’t take much I’m learning.  Write something meaningful everyday.  Stay fit.  Think healthy thoughts.

Got a birthday to get to.  Take care.

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