A Fresh Look Backwards

I’m sitting in the window of Atlantis and my mind is trying to strike a healthy balance between looking forward, and reflecting back.  Times have been lean.  Still no word on when the next batch of movies are starting up.  Green lighting a project feels like a distant memory.

Having said that, Canamedia just made a sale of InJustice to FilmOn.com and I just signed a distribution deal with UK based OPTL.  They specialize in Europe and Asia Pacific and seem really keen to push hard on this one.  I looked at their catalogue and it’s a healthy balance between genres.  I’ll be a medium sized fish in their lake, as opposed to being a small fish in someone else’s ocean.  I’m hoping this translates into my show getting more attention (and sales).

My thoughts now turn to other projects.  Crimes of the Art and Urban Future have been commended for their distinctive look and feel.  Some industry types have even described them as ‘brilliant’.  They remain a twinkle in my eye after 18 months.  Clearly I’m not cut out to be the one promoting them.  My relationships with buyers aren’t as strong as they need to be.  I have decided to focus my efforts on working with larger production companies to make this happen.

The elite levels of motor sports often see drivers with sponsors/money attached, shopping themselves around to teams with machines ready to go, but no driver or funding in place to turn the engine.  I previously sent my resume out to production companies around the country looking to pick up work as a writer/producer/director/editor and/or shooter.  I suppose I’m a fish in the ocean when I do that.  Maybe if I come with my own projects, I become a lot more distinctive.

My highest career aspiration remains writing drama for film & television.  I have two one-hour screen plays under my belt and a feature film in the works.  I recently became aware of some funding options that are in place that could help.  Put three development proposals out the door yesterday as a result.  Wasn’t even that difficult.  Turns out I’d been preparing all the required forms & documents on my own anyway.  Might as well TRY to get paid for it.

Today has research written all over it.  Time to get started.

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