Cool Music

I’m at mom’s campsite in Craven.  She’ll be serving up steak in 45 minutes or so.  After that, I’ll be watching football in the trailer.  Haven’t decided if I’ll spend the night or not.

Earlier, I wandered around downtown for a spell.  The Regina Folk Festival is going on in Victoria Park (3 blocks from my apartment).  Artists from across North America are playing and there have been free shows going on all day.  I couldn’t NOT take in some of the festivities.  It would be like showing up for turkey dinner and eating boiled hot dogs.

I got the idea to take Jazzy through there tomorrow.  Thought it might be nice to invite friends and make a bigger day of it, but then I changed my mind.  Jazzy ignores me when her friends are around, except to trot me out and have me say something funny on cue.  Make lasting memories.  That’s my plan for the summer with her.

There’s a song writing workshop that I think she’ll enjoy.  After that, the concerts will feed into the whole, ‘expand Jazzy’s musical pallet’ mission.  There’ll probably be people there whom we’ll know as well.  Just gotta wander a spell and find ‘em if we so choose.

Music is such an important thing in people’s lives.  We adopt it and make it a part of our identities.  Some of us take our style cues from it.  People form tight knit communities around music.  It’s a powerful thing.

I’ve always told Jazz, “whatever you do, listen to cool music.  It’ll make you a better person, and it will draw cool people to you.”  As she gets older, influences, bad and good, will cross her path.  The ‘Top 40’ crowd won’t be a reliable source of positive influence.  Paper thin pop culture values there.  However, being that girl who’s plugged in to a whole world of new and interesting ideas will give her the strength, courage, and insight to walk her own path.

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