Epic Balance

Now that the script is complete, my routine has changed somewhat.  I’m splitting time between marketing myself and my projects in the morning with editing my footage from Rabbit in the afternoons.  Feels like a nice balance.  As long as I’m putting myself out there, I can keep worries about the future at bay.

I also need to spend more time sitting in the quiet on my balcony watching the world go by.  Maybe have a note pad in my hand.  There’s something about doing that, that makes ideas about future projects and opportunities flow.  Doesn’t even need to take a long time.  10 minutes is plenty.  The trick is to NOT plan to think… just be.

It’s 11:30am and I’m guessing Jazzy’s still asleep.  Don’t know for sure because I’m sitting in the window of Atlantis, but I did open her door last night at 2:30 and she was still up on her computer.  Nocturnal.  She’s her father’s daughter.

I fixed my toilet yesterday.  Needed to replace the rubber stopper at the bottom of my toilet tank.  Waited over a week for the building people to do it, but it wasn’t happening.  I got them to give me the part and I did it myself.  Was an epic repair too.  Only took three tanks of acetylene, two rolls of duct tape, one minor explosion.  I can now flush in peace.

Well… summer doth beckon.  So does the chair on my balcony.  Got some musing to do, and then some editing after that.

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