Two days in a row now, I found time to steal away from the rest of my day to write.  Got other things done too.  The producers on Rabbit are impressed with my work.  Might be some doors opening there too.

My headspace is generally good, so long as I can keep up this pace.  Mostly I just need to feel like I’m doing something towards accomplishing my goals.  Monday’s musings really helped.

I’m not on set today, so after I’m done my bit of writing, I’ll be looking through footage at home.  If I eat my Wheaties, I might even be able to cut a few more segments together out of Damian’s interview.  That would be ambitious though, so I won’t make any promises.

[several minutes pass]

Vincent D’Onofrio just walked into Atlantis.  We fell into a conversation about the shit that was going through my mind on Monday.  He talked about his own issues with juggling projects — making decisions about when to let some go, and when keep others on the plate.  He said it’s something you just learn with age.  It’s the most I talked to him this whole show.  More than that, he actually seemed interested in talking to me.

I’ve been watching him work and I’ve never been more impressed with an actor on a set (or stage).  You could learn so much about the craft, just watching him figure out his blocking.  I have a whole thing that I’m planning to write about him later.  Won’t get into it now.

Mostly, I feel a burning need to get into my script.  I need to write something!

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