About half way through the weekend.  It’s been pretty full so far.  Watched the Rider game at O’hanlon’s last night then crossed the street to partake of the Regina Folk Festival with my friend Linsey and her friend, ‘my friend from BC’ (that’s how Lins refers to him, I didn’t catch his name).

It’s possible I inhaled something intoxicating while there.

The whole city is abuzz with sunshine and folk energy.  This morning I wandered around the Farmer’s Market then walked through the Festival grounds in Victoria park.  Live music was everywhere.  People of all shapes, ages, vocations and sizes were sitting on the grass chilling or dancing.

I even ran into Rich (from the Romanian Syndicate).  He was helping to coordinate one of the events.  We talked football as people buzzed about.

The Rider game itself was alright.  It came down to the final play.  Down by four, from Montreal’s 47 yard line, Durant threw to the end zone towards a mass of humanity.  The clock expired as the ball bounced off several pairs of hands and hit the turf.  Despite suffering from an intestine issue and only eating three meals all week, he passed for over 450 yards.  The defence held Montreal to 50 yards of offence in the 2nd half.  We had a realistic opportunity to beat the champs once more, but we just ran out of time.

I’m about to sit down to coffee with Courtney.  That’s three times in one week already.  Life is full.

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