Blogging With Jazzy

It’s 5pm on a Monday afternoon and I’m sitting in Atlantis with Jazzy.  She’s drinking a mocha frapp and creating the first ever entry in her very own blog.  Couldn’t be more proud.

PJ cleaned her room last week and found all kinds of notes, bits of paper, and scrapbooks full of half started stories.  It seems my little girl is becoming quite the word smith.  Just wrote them on her own and tucked them away.

I figured a blog would be a good thing.  Jazzy will now be able to connect with her inner self and sort through all the complications of her complicated life.  Maybe she could philosophize about philosophical shit and say profound things like, “Daddy ate a roast beef sandwich today.”  My daughter is deep deep deep like me.

We started the day off in Regina Beach.  I had a shoot for the Red Cross out there where I’m profiling a 21 year old keg of dynamite who’s accomplished more, and given more to her community than most people will in a life time.  She grew up out there and we shot at her family home.  After the interview we switched to the still camera and wandered about the town.

[a moment goes by]

Jazzy just interrupted me to comment that she’s never used the semi-colon key and thinks it should be replaced with something better.  I told her that she should write something that requires a semi-colon.  And that’s that.  Jazzy’s website is complete.  She’s a proud little blogger.  Check her out, give her lots of feedback, and encourage her.

Here’s where you can find her site;

I’m a happy daddy!

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