Better Than Before

My situation is more or less the same, but my headspace is much better.  The short term is full of question marks, and the future is bright.  All I can do in the meantime is be me.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my play in the last few days, getting it ready for SaskFilm and TeleFilm.  I met with a highly accomplished writer/director yesterday and he agreed to be my script editor.  He even called parts of my play, ‘brilliant’.

If nothing else, the idea of spending my autumn, paying myself to write my own feature film, tickles me.  When I’m not writing my film, I’ll be working on ‘Highwaymen’.  A whole half year of writing!  That’s me at my best.  Took me my whole adult life to learn that.

I walked through my office yesterday and did a mental inventory of all my corporate skeletons.  There’s the pile of obsolete VCR’s from the time I wanted to be a big production company.  There’s 10 desks, 2 filing cabinets, and 12 office chairs left over from the mass of humanity I thought I wanted to manage.  There’s 3 HD work stations left over from our last big project.  There’s the futon, fridge, and microwave set aside for the employees to mingle in the frumping area on breaks.  There’s the art covering every single wall.  There’s the rent.

The more stuff I have, the more stuff I have to worry about.  I used to dream about having all that stuff.  Now it feels more like an anchor.  Yet at the same time, I have everything I need to do business on a massive scale.  I green light one project and the place is full again.  Might as well hang on to it.  Everything’s paid for.  And knowing myself, I certainly will not work from home.

In addition to the career stuff, I’ve been spending time with good people in my personal life.  Friends, family, and chance encounters with perfect strangers have filled me up.  It’s gonna be a good weekend!

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