I’ve Got

Nothing’s coming out.  Got lots to say, but nothing to say about it.  World’s moving too fast these days, no time to think about it.  No time to construct proper sentences.

I’ve got longings.  I’ve got things I wished I never done.  I’ve got wonderings about girls I crossed paths with once upon a time, a long long time ago.

I’ve got disappointments in people.  Got disappointments in myself.  I’ve got musings fuelled by disappointments.

I’ve got a hankering to undress a beautiful woman.

I’ve got shit to do.  Shit I ain’t never done before.  I got shit I’ve done a thousand times before.  I’ve got other shit I’ve been putting off.

I’ve got a stream of consciousness racing against the clock.  Got somewhere to be in 14 minutes.

Got coffee to finish.

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