Canada Day

I’m sitting in mom’s campsite just outside Craven, about 20 minutes from Regina.  The mosquitoes were eyeballing me a few minutes ago, but I sprayed on some ‘go fuck yourself’ juice, and now they’re leaving me alone.  Auntie Anna and Uncle Doug just showed up, and I found out that Grama & Papa will be arriving soon.  Jazzy’s in the trailer watching TV.

Today is a special day.  It’s Canada Day.  More than that, The Saskatchewan Roughriders, Canada’s Team, open the CFL season against the Montreal Allouettes in a Grey Cup rematch.  I’m a season ticket holder this year and I bought a customized Roughrider jersey to go with those tickets.

In a few hours I’ll be heading over to Benji’s with 18 Beef/Bacon burgers from Butcher Boy.  I’ll be cooking ‘em up for the Romanian Syndicate, and after that, we’ll be walking to Mosaic Stadium together.  A mass of humanity, 30,000 deep will be there waiting.  There’ll be insanity, fireworks, energy and footballs in the air.

This day will set the tone for the whole rest of the season.  As the Roughriders ebb and flow, so it shall be with the rest of the Rider Nation.

The evening will be capped with fireworks in Wascana Park.  10s of Thousands of people will be gathered.  Face painting, alcohol, families, festivities, carnival games and wandering aimlessly.  This is Canada Day.  It’s like Christmas in July!

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