Corporate Shit

The business side of my industry can be cold and ugly.  Tax credit applications, interim financing deals, production insurance, labour agreements, and legal fees are as big a part of the creative industries as the content we create.  My preference is to let someone else handle the business affairs stuff so I can focus on the creative side of things.  But the truth is, I’m as adept at handling labour agreements, tax credit calculations and corporate shit as anyone.  It comes from over a decade of experience in this business.

Today is one of the corporate shit, legal affairs days.  I continue to learn from the mistakes of my distant past in this business.  Today will be a day of reckoning with one of those mistakes.

Ten years ago I partnered with someone to undertake the most ambitious project in Dacian’s history.  Despite my sincere best efforts, things went sideways.  I just didn’t have the business skills to navigate those waters properly.  As a result, the project has cost me over $28,000.  I find out today if it’s going to cost me another $18,000 to make it all finally go away.  I don’t have that kind of money laying around right now, but I will in a couple of months when InJustice’s tax credits come back to me.

In the meantime I am left to manage my headspace.  I can sit around feeling sorry for myself, firing bitter angry thoughts towards my former partner, or I can find a light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s only money.  I’m going to be around for a very long time, and I believe my potential to earn money over the course of my career will be many times what I’ve lost on this project.

And just this morning, as I sat down and gave this whole ugly chapter a good hard think, a thought came to mind that made me chuckle.  I think I figured out a way to make some money off this project.  Since I already own the rights to it, I might as well go ahead and try.

I’ve spent these past few days thinking about the good things I have in my life.  I live a simple, yet richly rewarding lifestyle.  I have really great people in my life.  I have a passion for living and a drive to create.

Money is simply a means to an end.  It should never be the end in and of itself.  Too many people forget to make that distinction, and because of that, it kicks them right in the gut and takes their life away.

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