Beat by Beat

The reading circle yesterday went well.  Hearing the play and collecting feedback afterwards allowed me to see the play from a new perspective.  Clearly, there is much work to do.

As it stands right now, the play is pretty good, but I have a lot of things to work on before it can become great.  I need to flesh out one major character, and distinguish two others from each other.  I also think I need to change the title.  The play needs at least three more scenes, expansion on others, and more action in yet others.  The first act timed out at 38 minutes and the 2nd act at 25.  Ideally, I’d like to get that to about 45 minutes and 30 minutes, which should be doable given the changes I need to make.

I’m still waiting for feedback from others before I get started, but having said that, I’m at a stage where I’m ready to completely tear it apart and begin piecing it together again, scene by scene, beat by beat.  I know what the story is now, I just need to rebuild its structure so it can handle the new changes.

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