Man of the World

The sun came up this morning and I greeted the day with a shower.  In philosophy class we discussed the ontological arguments for the existence of God and I took it all in whilst eating a chocolate chunk muffin and drinking flavoured coffee.  I am now sitting in ‘Common Ground’ a coffee shop on campus, writing in my blog.

Some days its hard to figure out what my next steps should be.  I’m concerned for the health of a friend, I’m a bit numb over yesterday and I’m thinking about living in Vancouver for part of the year so I can spend more time with Jazzy.

I looked at apartments for rent, and for about $1,000/month I found several one bedroom units in downtown Vancouver.  Some even had an ocean view.  I am also interested in renting an apartment in downtown Bucharest for about $350/month.  This past July, staying in a hotel in Bucharest for three weeks cost over $1,000 so renting an apartment for a year at $4,200 really is a no-brainer.

Overall, I did the math on the cost of living a lifestyle in three different cities and the total came to just over $40,000/year.   That seems like a reasonable, sustainable amount of money.  Lots of people live on $40,000/year.  Instead of buying toys, I’ll buy plane tickets.  Furthermore, I believe my earning potential is higher than that, so my savings account will also benefit.

Of course, I need to green light a project before I can kick everything into motion.  To that end, I shall continue to plug away.

In the meantime, I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do today.

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