Table Read Tune-up

CorterTableReadI spent my weekend doing as little as possible – which put my in a sufficient frame of mind this morning, to WANT to tackle the handful of projects and tasks before me.

Maybe that’s the trick. Seldom am I NOT feeling guilty over how I spend my time. Every minute of every day is an opportunity to write, or research, or pound pavement. It’s a mountain to climb, and the mental strain is burdensome.

This morning I need to dedicate some time to Riderville. Not much, but a little bit. I also need to do some follow up with production companies. There’s also a small rewrite to undertake with my animated SciFi pilot.

I had a dozen or so people over on Friday night for a table read of the script. It’s always good to hear the work out loud. Each read of each draft gives me new insight, and I put that insight to good use. This latest draft was well received. My friend works in programming at DHX, and she felt it was ready for pitching.

I spent a good portion of 2014 reaching out to production companies. I took dozens of meetings and made some good connections. I did not have any content to pitch them.

If nothing else, the fruits of 2015 have given me two TV Pilots and one Christmas Script to pitch in 2016. I have ideas for two more pilots that I wish to tackle this year. I’ve never had a more marketable slate. Let’s hope something comes of it.

Culturally, I read one of the scripts nominated for Best Screenplay at the Oscars this year, Bridge of Spies. I knew nothing of the movie. Didn’t know who was in it. Didn’t know the plot. Never heard a single advertisement for it, saw the trailer, or even a poster for it on social media. I came to this script with no preconceptions.

I enjoyed the read. It was a very understated piece. Structurally it seemed a bit flat, but it still moved. Good, but not brilliant. I didn’t understand why it was nominated for an Oscar.

Then I watched the movie. Steven Spielberg. Tom Hanks. The pace of the film was as slow and understated as the script. Enjoyable. Great acting. Great direction. Great production value. Worthy of an Oscar in other categories, but I can’t see it being held up years from now, as one of the all-time great examples of screenwriting.

2016 Culture Tally;

Feature Scripts Read: 2
TV Scripts Read: 2
Movies Watched: 8
TV Seasons Watched: 4
Documentaries Watched: 1
Documentary Series Watched: 1
Audio Books: 1

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