Coffee Shop Habit

I’m staring out the window with the realization that I just don’t frequent coffee shops as much as I used to. In fact, I am approximately 264 times more likely to NOT start my day in a coffee shop as I have been in times past. Deeply in fact(ier), it no longer occurs to me to even think about coffee shops.

This trend is both alarming, and completely symptomatic of my continued evolution as a human being creature person. Maybe it’s a good thing. Jury is still out on that.

Thus far I have researched and reached out to a couple dozen production companies in Toronto. I’ve set up three meetings thus far, with at least a couple more pending. While only good things will come from meeting as many different people in this city as possible, I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t taken such a methodical approach sooner.

Perhaps the coffee shops are to blame?

I’m finding that the trick to good follow-up is to actually pick up the phone. People are bombarded with emails. Phone calls, accompanied with an introductory email seem to get a much better response. Tracking and staying on top of those phone calls is even more important.

I am quite excellent at this task in short spurts, but it inherently isn’t who I am – being a ‘pick up the phone’ guy. Being ‘out there’.

It’s what’s required to be successful however. Nobody is going to knock on my door if they don’t know who I am.

Here’s to changing habits.

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