Four Oh One!

My place is currently a sea of empty beer cans and spent red Solo cups. The downstairs neighbours heard us going until 2am. They’d have joined, but they’re currently all getting over their winter colds.

I’d have to say that my birthday was a smashing success. Yana performed for us. A collection of Toronto friends, accumulated from various walks of my life, all came together to celebrate. So great to have so many amazing people gathered together in one place.

Most interesting, nobody knew anyone else at the party. This wasn’t planned, but it was delightful to witness. I very much enjoyed watching them all get to know each other. So many of them told me upon leaving, that I have a really great group of friends.

They say one is known for his friends.

I’m not going to wait a year for the next gathering to take place. Is there any reason in the world why we can’t do this once a month?

Life is for living after all.

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