12 Days!

I’m still alive.

It’s been 12 days since I last blogged.  That’s the longest stretch in 3 years!  I feel it weighing on me, and today at this exact moment isn’t really a good time either, but dammit, I have to get the words out.  In 10 minutes I have a meeting, so I’ll see how far I get.

I’ve been finishing up parts of two gigs.  The first is a number of vignettes I’m cutting together for the Lieutenant Governor’s Arts Awards for the Saskatchewan Arts Board.  The second is a bit of location scouting I’m doing for a TV series in town called, ‘Life With Boys’.  It seems to be a tweenager type of show for YTV.  Mark Reid, my colleague from back home is the PM, and he threw a bit of work my way, once he found out I was back in the Director’s Guild.  It’s much appreciated.

I did do a bit of writing for the Argonauts.  I watched Saturday’s game from the press box and wrote an article for them.  You can read it here.

Mark’s looking at me now.  Gotta run!

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