Jazzy and her friend Kayla are roaming the downtown streets of Regina this morning.  They met me in Atlantis an hour ago and hit me up for some money.  One bought a medium hot chocolate, the other a cappuccino.  Did I mention they’re 12 years old?

Jazzy handled the airport quite well.  She got off the plane in Calgary and found a place to piss.  Priorities.  She then noticed there was no gate number printed on her boarding pass, so she went looking for the monitors.  At this point she realized that she couldn’t read the monitors because she forgot her glasses at home.  No worries.  She wandered around until she found a set of monitors that were closer to her eye level so she could read them.  From there she went to Starbucks, got herself a treat, found her gate and did homework until her plane boarded.

I took her to yoga last night.  There was lots of meditation this time around.  Jazzy quite enjoyed it and wants to come back next week.  Afterwards she fell into her own conversations with some of the other yogis.  They were all quite impressed with her.  Needless to say, I’m a proud proud dad.

I had a few revelations last night during our meditations.  I’ve been struggling, as everyone does, seeking to find balance between all parts of my life.  Everything just kind of clicked.  Saw a truth I always knew was there, but hadn’t really looked at before.

I am my career.  You can’t take the filmmaker, out of me.  I am not driven by money or material possessions.  Quite simply, my purpose is to create.  Period.  So long as I am doing everything to nurture my career, every other aspect of my life will fall into place.  Love, ambition, money, esteem, spirituality, relationships, friendships, mashed potatoes… all of it comes out of me being me, at my very best.

The sun is out.  The day is bright.  My little girl is home.  Life is good.

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