The Journey of 12 Years and Counting

I just said the words out loud, “The calculator on my iPhone is cool!”  Yes, that was an exclamation mark.  Even more hilarious was the fact that the guy I was talking to not only agreed with me, but went on to say that he has 3 different calculator applications on his iPad.

We’re both single and available.

I talked to PJ this morning.  Big ordeal getting Jazzy on the plane.  She forgot her carry-on at home.  This will also be the first time she travels on a connecting flight.  They’ll be a one-hour layover in Calgary.  She’ll have just enough time to exit one plane, find a snack, check the monitors, and figure out her departure gate to board another.  I talked her through everything and she seems pretty confident.  She’s been on enough planes and airports that she should be familiar with the environment at least.  The only new snag will be hanging out in Calgary by herself for an hour.

I just realized that this journey marks the first time ever that she’ll be completely on her own.  12-year old Jazzy will have no parents, no friends, no other family, or paid attendants to help her… no one but her and her wits to get from one city to another, via yet another.  I’ll find out in an hour how she did.

Did I ever mention what my present will be on her 18th birthday?

Bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a plane ticket to anywhere.  There’s no education like the sort you receive seeing a foreign country through the eyes of a local.  Just as everything PJ and I have done for her as parents, have been about teaching her self confidence, esteem, and worth, so she can make it through high school, so too shall all these mini-trips across Canada be for that eventual journey.

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