Hypnotized by the Motion

I am currently sitting in the window of Atlantis Coffee, as I have done on countless occasions previously.  Jazz and I pulled into Regina last night at 6pm, after driving 2,773 kms in 25.5 hours.  We made pretty good time, but the drive left me feeling a bit stoned.  Highway lines can be a bit hypnotizing that way.

It’s good to be home.  It’s good to see the faces of loved ones.  It’s good to see the places I love.  Unfortunately, this trip will be a brief one.  I’ll once again be Toronto bound come Tuesday.

This trip is a perfect metaphor for where my headspace is lately.  I’m not really anywhere right now – and I’m making good time getting there.  Leap and the net will catch you – and I’m still free falling.

I’d really like to land somewhere soon and I’m fine with wherever that winds up being.  The feeling of solid land beneath my feet will be a nice change.

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