The Myth of the Well-Ironed Shirt

Jazzy and I spent most of yesterday at the Beach.  I was teaching another workshop, and not only was it profitable, but we all had an amazing time together.  Devlin and Sarah proved to be the sort of students who buy their instructors beer.  I explained that if there are any issues with their photography, and adjustments to ISO, shutter speed, and aperture don’t seem to be fixing things, the generous application of alcohol will most definitely help.  I used to pour shots for my program manager before she reviewed a cut of InJustice.

All four of us laughed like old friends all day long.  Jazzy and Sarah really seemed to bond.  There was also some serious learnin’ going on.  Devlin and Sarah went from being completely uncomfortable with the manual settings on their DSLRs, to being able to guestimate the required f-stop for certain lighting situations.  I’m very proud, and I hope to see them again.  I’ll post pics soon.

I’ve been back on top the Toronto Mission.  I found a directory of Toronto film & television production companies.  A comprehensive listing from A – Z.  Sent over 70 emails thus far and I’m only at ‘E’.  A few even got back to me.

This led to something Jazzy’s never ever seen before called, ‘Dad irons a shirt’.  Normally I would shield her from such domestic displays, to maintain the illusion of a macho not-at-all domesticated father figure, but she’s been sleeping in my room on an air mattress.  I like to think it’s because she wants to be near me, but really it has everything to do with the air conditioner mounted in my window.

So anyway, she’s kind of reclined into her pillow watching me clear a section of my desk for use as an ironing board.  She’s not saying much.  The whole Dad = not domestically competent myth was being exploded right before her eyes.  For what it’s worth, I only did a half assed job.

The interview went well though.  I’ve been invited back for a second round.  Pretty sure it had everything to do with the shirt.

We’re now sitting together in Roncy Bean.  In an hour McKenzie will be meeting us and we’ll be crossing the street to take in a movie at the Revue Cinema.  I’m really liking how this Toronto summer is shaping up.

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