The Bucharest Leg – Part I

Shortly after landing in Paris, having thoroughly enjoyed the best flight experience of my whole entire life, it became apparent that I was destined to miss my connection to Bucharest.  We were about 45 minutes late pulling away from the gate due to some technical problem with the plane, and we never made up the time.

After wandering through Charles De Gaul Airport in Paris, bouncing between Air France and Air Canada help desks, I finally found myself on a Tarom flight bound for Bucharest.  Tarom is the national airline of Romania.  The flight was just over two hours long and they served a tasty warm meal of chicken, rice and a strawberry desert.  The plane was an Airbus 318, one of 4 in their fleet.  Booze was free.  There was a 3D map displaying our progress throughout the flight.  United Airlines could learn a lot from how Tarom treats its passengers.

Upon landing in Bucharest it was clear that my 2 pieces of luggage had not made the trip.  Air Canada never sent it over to Tarom despite their assurances that they would when they handed me my ticket.  To make matters worse, they could only track the location of 1 item.  The other item was missing.  Over $17,000 worth of production equipment was stashed in that luggage.

I needed to sort myself out.  I had my wallet, my Romanian cell phone, and the clothes on my back.  I started by taking a cab to Universitate.  From there I got 500 Lei out of an ATM and bought a Metro pass.  I took the Metro to Unirii shopping centre and bought some minutes for my phone.  From there I called my contact at Eastern Comfort so I could at least check into the apartment I’m renting.

Once in my apartment I took stock of my situation.  I had a one quarter charge on my cell phone, half a charge on my laptop and the power adapters for both was in my luggage.  My ability to communicate with the world was in serious jeopardy.  I needed to be able to talk to the lost & found ppl at the airport, and they needed to be able to call me when something showed up.

It was a long hard think on my 8th floor balcony as I took it all in.

1 thought on “The Bucharest Leg – Part I

  1. a long hard think…. perspective…. depth…. being…. becoming with your blog as witness

    i’m reminded of ‘one second’ and the significance and insignificance of all things… ‘one second’ to see deeper into the nature of life, the wholeness of the world and the people in it… ‘one second’ to get away from the terrible iron circle of self, possessions and things… to feel how we are interconnected as life and light in each other

    ‘one second’ on an 8th floor balcony to just be

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