It’s Saturday morning in Regina and I’m sitting in the window of Atlantis.  It’s about 3˚ C and the sky is overcast.  There’s a young couple sitting down from me, planning their wedding on the cheap.  They’re talking about getting their wedding invitations printed at Staples.  Her best friend is sitting beside her talking about other details.

Victoria Avenue is quiet and a trickle of foot traffic is coming and going from the coffee shop.  The day feels like it’s just waking up, opening its eyes and stretching big.  It’s not in a hurry to go anywhere and it feels so good to have nothing but nothing to get started on, all day long.

The couple is figuring out the layout of the dance hall and its turning into a big logistical headscratcher.  The day hasn’t noticed, and doesn’t really care.  There’s a Rider game set to take place and there’s a dinner invite that it may yet check out.  In the meantime a cop just walked out of the store.  He’s the same one I saw yesterday.  I wonder what skeletons lie in his closet.

My thoughts turn to a kid on a bike who tried to bum a cigarette on my walk here this morning.  “I’m sorry,” I said, “I don’t smoke.”  He just kind of nodded and rode off in circles, not very far, and about a minute later came back up to me and asked if I had any extra money.

I’m sitting in Atlantis and I’m wondering what spectacle the day might bring.

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