Making It Personal

I feel like my blogging has changed since I began making my personal website more of an all-purpose corporate/personal website. I catch myself NOT saying some things about my life. I’m thinking more about who is reading this, and a lot less about how to express myself. As a result, I’ve become less interested in blogging on a regular basis.

Maybe I say ‘fuckit’ and just write what I want anyway. You want to work with me, you might as well see who I am, warts and all.

Maybe I just stop thinking about my audience altogether? I noticed a subtle shift in my thinking when I moved my blog from Apple’s iWeb server to WordPress. Suddenly my stuff was much more searchable and accessible to the world. I prefer my personal blog live in obscurity in most cases, but on the other hand, it’s nice to be read by people I don’t even know. What is the internet, if not a vast sea of anonymous people creeping on each other from a safe distance?

I guess I could shift my corporate stuff to a revamped Dacian site. The two sides of me used to be kept safely apart in publicly viewable spaces. Philosophically though, I think I’ve been moving towards something more unified. I am a writer and a filmmaker and a Jarrett.

Branding wise, this may cause confusion for people. It certainly isn’t quite ordered neatly in my mind either, but it feels like something I’m into.¬†Gives my work a face and a heart to go with the resume and demo reel.

Once upon a time, Dacian had over 20 employees, depending on what we were doing production wise. We were pursuing corporate projects and TV projects, and sometimes, I wasn’t even the frontline contact on those projects. It made sense to keep things separate.

And what do I do now with my dusty old Dacian site? There must be some purpose it can serve. Perhaps that’s what’s going on with my headspace this morning. It feels like it’s time to address it, reshape it, rethink it, and/or otherwise deal with it. Perhaps in the coming weeks, the solution will simply come to me.

In the meantime I’m going to recommit to expressing myself in my personal blog, in a much more deeper, personal level.