I seem to have stumbled into a major undertaking.

This web series started as a simple way to create demo reel material for myself and a handful of actors. I wrote a couple of short scripts, took some meetings, learned about the IPF’s Web Drama Series Program, learned the deadline to apply was today, shot a short for the first time in my career so that I would be eligible to apply…

And then in writing the application for the fund, I began to see how much potential the whole thing had – not just as a compelling drama series – but as a way to bring a lot of people together. I have invited a number of established film creatures to participate in the series, should we get the funding. They all said yes.

My goal is to line up 18 directors, 18 DPs, 18 production designers, 18 editors, and 36 musicians/bands, to go with my 12+ cast, to produce 36 three-minute episodes. Each episode wouldn’t require more than 5 hours to shoot, so between prep and post, it wouldn’t be a commitment that would keep them from their full time gigs. Ideally, it will be a great, informal, fun way for them to work with other established filmmakers, on a guerrilla filmmaking set – a throwback to the nostalgia of film school. It will be a community of filmmakers! What an incredible way to build up a network of industry connections!

Speaking of industry connections, I’m off to the Canadian Screen Awards Nominees reception tonight. I was invited because I was a juror for one of the categories. This means I’m going to have to buy pants – possibly even iron a shirt. I’m hoping I can rock the ‘shaggy artist’ look, rather than appear like a rumbled schmoe.

One last thing… Here’s a link to the series demo. Please watch it. Please share it on Facebook and Twitter. Please comment on it.

We’re being evaluated on how much traffic we can generate over the next 30 days. Eyeballs equals funding.

Another One Comes

I released the first episode of my new web series yesterday. First short of my whole entire career, produced on a budget of $47 (the cost of the pizza), and it came off well. I sent it off to a few trusted colleagues, and received some positive feedback;

“I love the direction, cutting and your cinematography (most of all).”

“Looks and sounds good. Plays good too.”

“Keep the laughs, drop the drama.”

The unfun stuff begins now. It will be some time before the next episode is produced because I am applying for actual funding to go the rest of the way. Marketing strategies. Business plans. Budgets. Social media. Research.

Application deadline is March 3 and I have approximately everything to do between then and now.

Enjoy the video. Wish me luck!