Sexy Spreadsheet Maintenance

I’ve spent the past couple days conducting maintenance on my spreadsheets. A couple years ago I created a master spreadsheet that I worked from, that contained the contact information for every production company, client, contact, writer, producer, and PM I sought to meet. I used it to track my points of contact, documents I’ve sent, and results of these actions. It became a bit ornery to navigate and it fell out of use.

Now that I have a couple of scripted projects that are ready to pitch, I’ve gone back to that old spreadsheet, and refined it. I’ve decided to break it down into five distinct spreadsheets;

Production companies that produce SCRIPTED content.
Production companies that produce NON-SCRIPTED content.

I’ve completed the SCRIPTED spreadsheet. There are 67 entries right now, and I’ve contacted most of them with my two projects. Most who’ve gotten back to me have been receptive to reading my work.

I plan to compile the WRITERS spreadsheet today.

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