Backyard Solitude

I’m sitting on Mom’s deck and I have the place to myself. They’re out at Craven and I’m enjoying the solitude.

One of the first things I noticed, is how much space there is here. I mean, I spent part of my high school years growing up in this house, but after living in Toronto for nearly four years, my sense of scale has changed.

I don’t need, nor want a lot of space to live in. Our place it Toronto is a perfect combination of space, compactness, livability, and colourful neighbourhoodiness. It’s not often that I get tired of seeing the inside of my apartment, but when I do, I have a plethora of backyard and neighbourhood options to bask in.

Here in the burbs, in Regina – which look like the burbs anywhere else in Canada – I find that when I tire of seeing the inside of the house, the backyard is a terrific option. The neighbourhood, not so much. If I want to go somewhere interesting, it’s downtown for me.

It’s great to be back though. Summers in Saskatchewan are the best. You can function in 35 degree heat. In Toronto, bending over to pick up something off the ground, feels like work in the same kind of heat.

The best part about being back, is that my people are here. I watched the Rider game last night with the fellas from the Romanian Syndicate. Felt just like old times, though perhaps a bit less fighting. Unlike past trips to Regina, I find myself to NOT be in a big hurry to visit with everyone I want to see. I have all summer, so I’m just going to live here, like I actually live here. There’s plenty of time to get my time in with everyone.

It’s good to be home.

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