Feeling the Miles

56-LP-1CompressedI’m writing from Roca House, near mom’s place. I have my favourite place to sit and the joint is really starting to feel like a second office.

Regina has been a whirlwind thus far. I’m dividing my vocational time between pounding the pavement, promoting the sitcom, and socking myself away somewhere, to research and write episodes. The latter part is going a little slower than the former, but today will be about reversing that trend.

The research has been inspiring!

I scanned 12 pages of the September 1956 LeaderPost, so I could gain a better insight into how folks lived, thought, and talked back in those days. Tweak the headlines, change the dates, and you have a mirror into who we are today. That was my most profound take-away from reading those pages.

I’ve been exploring ways to drop artifacts from those stories into my episode. I’m pleased with the results thus far.

Catching up with old friends has been satisfying as well. For the most part, I do not feel the passage of time, nor the miles between us, when I get together with someone. Maybe Facebook is the problem (or blessing), or maybe its just that I’ve fallen into the habit of keeping all my friendships at arms’ length.

[a solid minute of contemplation follows]

That last sentence feels very honest. I can’t decide if it’s a sad statement, a healthy statement, or a personality hang-up.

Someday I’ll set about exploring that aspect of myself. In the meantime, there be some writing to do.

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